The Latest Good Idea

The Board of Trustee meeting on the 23rd also provided a good insight to the approach the elected Trustees will be taking. It was very encouraging.

First, they all showed they take their governance and stewardship duties VERY seriously.

Second, they all are actively and alertly engaged in the meeting.


New TRS-ActiveCare Open Enrollment Dates

In a significant change from last year, Open Enrollment for Employee Benefits this year will take place between July 1, 2015 and July 31, 2015. Due to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Open Enrollment is mandatory. Every employee must go online and enroll or decline coverage during the Open Enrollment Period whether or not you are in TRS-ActiveCare.


Kill Bill 1968

We are coming down to the wire at the Capitol with SB 1968 (the payroll deduction bill designed to muzzle you and take away your control of your paycheck.  Though slowed, is still alive and kicking. 

It is time for Activism, and I am asking you to get Active.


El Paso Election Results

El Paso Election Results

The May 9th Election is done, only 18 months to the Presidential Election. 

First, ALL three of the Federation endorsed and supported candidates won! 

Mr. Al Velarde in District 2 (Burges/Jefferson)

Mr. Trent Hatch in District 6 (Franklin)

Ms. Dori Fenenbock in District 7 (Coronado)


Fighting Back against $27540

Fight Back Against $27,540

Dear Concerned Member,

The passing of SB 893 has prompted many questions from you today. It is the results of a concerted attack by the profiteers and privatizers on you, your students, public education and equal opportunity. It is not the worst of the bills Dan Patrick and his corporate sponsors in Texans for Education Deform is attacking public education with. That is scary but true.