EP AFT School Board Endorsements

The El Paso AFT is proud to announce its endorsements for the May 2017 EPISD Board of Trustee elections.  I want to thank the Committee On Political Education (COPE) for their hard work.  The meeting lasted over four and a half hours and deliberations on one race lasted nearly two and a half hours.

The four key questions during the interviews were:

1.      What is your position on school choice?  Please include vouchers and charter schools in your answer.


T-TESS Workshop 4.29.17

The purpose of this is to invite you to a T-TESS Workshop on Saturday, April 29th at the EP AFT Hall at 4024 Trowbridge.

It will include:


Eyes on the Board - 4.18.18

The purpose of this is to update you on the EPISD Board of Trustee Meeting, last night.  The agenda itself was uneventful.  What was noteworthy was the nearly 75 Federation Sisters and Brothers who showed up in their Federation Activist T-Shirts.  They rocked the house.


Federation Events 4.17 to 4.23.17

The purpose of this E-mail is to advise you of the upcoming events for this week.

EPISD Board Meeting.  On Tuesday, April 18th, there is an EPISD Board Meeting. 

I invite all members to show up and let Administration and the Board know we are watching.  If you have an Activist T-Shirt, please wear it.  If you don’t have a Federation activist T-Shirt, they will be available in the parking lot.

Who:  You and your Federation Activist T-Shirt.

What:  EPISD Board Meeting


Action Alert - Dan And Joan Are At It Again - SB 788

This to advise you of another attack on your retirement and call members to action.  Joan Huffman and Dan Patrick are at it again.  In addition to trying to destroy your Union, plunder your TRS Retirement, now they are trying to make sure you don’t live much past a normal teacher retirement age.

If you are retired or within 10 years of retirement, this applies to you.  If you are not, I ask you to stand in Solidarity with your retired or about to be retired Sisters and Brothers.


General Membership Meeting and TX AFT Convention

The purpose of this is to invite you to the EP AFT General Membership Meeting and the Texas AFT Convention.

General Membership Meeting 4.12.17

There will be a EP AFT General Membership Meeting on Wednesday, April 12th.  It will be at the EP AFT Building at 4024 Trowbridge Dr.  It will start at 5:00 PM.  Food and beverages will be served.