A Planning and Preparation Period is Right.

Texas Education Code Section 21.404 guarantees that classroom teachers are entitled to a 45 minute planning and preparation period within the instructional day. The teacher, not the school district or principal, gets to decide how to use this time most effectively. Under the law, “a classroom teacher may not be required to participate in any other activity.” The Commissioner of Education has repeatedly upheld teachers’ rights in this regard.

Here are the six relevant cases. They are listed in chronological order. Before you read them, here are a few reminders.


2016/2017 EPISD Board Budget Workshop

The EPISD Board of Trustees held a finance and budget workshop, yesterday, March 17th. This is their first workshop in the 2016/2017 budget development process. While the numbers and discussion were preliminary, there are some problems, to say the least. So, here are the main items of interest.

TRE Funds: $1,267,658 remains unallocated this year.


Eyes on the Board 2.16.16

The EPISD Board of Trustees met Tuesday, February 16th at 9:00 AM. There were two main items of interest. The first was the chartering of the Facilities Advisory Committee. The second was decision by the Trustees to conduct a district-wide employee survey.


District of Innovation Update/"Adjusted" Update 2.5.16

The purpose of this is two-fold. First, a quick update for you who were “adjusted”. Second, is to report back to you about the first District of Innovation Committee Meeting.

For those of you who told me you were “adjusted”, I sent your names this morning to Mr. Sheffield, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources for review and explanation. For those of you who were “adjusted”, but haven’t gotten a chance to send your name and information, please do so. I will be sending another compilation early next week.


Three Policy Reminders

The purpose of this email is to provide three short reminders to you of several policy items and issues that are popping up again. Planning and Preparation Periods. As we move into the testing and TELPAS window, Administrators are taking Planning and Prep Periods for training and calibration. If they tell you that you have to do it during your Planning and Prep Period, send this back in an email to person tasking, cc’ing your Principal if they are not the tasker and me, if you feel it necessary. "I will be attending the training during my planning and preparation period.