El Paso AFT Primary Endorsements

The El Paso AFT proudly announces its endorsements for the March 1st Primary for local State level offices. There are three key races that I want to highlight. The outcome of these races will shape the future of Public Education in El Paso and Texas for years to come. The clear choice and the sharp contrast between the primary candidates was readily apparent to the EP AFT C.O.P.E. Committee Tuesday night. “It’s not hard to tell who are our friends and who are our enemies”, according to one member. So, without further ado…


District of Innovation Update/"Adjusted" Update 2.5.16

The purpose of this is two-fold. First, a quick update for you who were “adjusted”. Second, is to report back to you about the first District of Innovation Committee Meeting.

For those of you who told me you were “adjusted”, I sent your names this morning to Mr. Sheffield, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources for review and explanation. For those of you who were “adjusted”, but haven’t gotten a chance to send your name and information, please do so. I will be sending another compilation early next week.


Three Policy Reminders

The purpose of this email is to provide three short reminders to you of several policy items and issues that are popping up again. Planning and Preparation Periods. As we move into the testing and TELPAS window, Administrators are taking Planning and Prep Periods for training and calibration. If they tell you that you have to do it during your Planning and Prep Period, send this back in an email to person tasking, cc’ing your Principal if they are not the tasker and me, if you feel it necessary. "I will be attending the training during my planning and preparation period.


District of Innovation - Update

At the January 19th Board meeting the District of Innovation (DOI) process advanced to the next stage, Appointment of the District Innovation Committee. A reminder on the District of Innovation Process.

Procedural steps for creation of a District of Innovation under HB 1842 (new Chapter 12A of the Texas Education Code). These are, briefly:

1. Local board adopts resolution to begin process. (Done 12.15.15)

2. Board holds public hearing re: whether district should pursue designation. (Done 12.15.15)


EP AFT Elections

It is time for EP AFT biennial officer elections. A member in good standing may declare his/her candidacy by turning in a petition signed by at least fifteen members in good standing. Petitions will be available at the Federation office starting the second Monday in March. They will be submitted by the last Friday in March to the Election Committee for validation. With the petition will be a statement of up to 100 words prepared by the candidate on why they are seeking the office and a current picture of the candidate.