An End to the Endless 8 Hour Day

I am happy to announce a Federation ‘win’.

The “Endless Eight Hour Day” of DK(REGULATION) was imposed on Daily Employees (teachers, librarians, counselors…) last Fall.  We have all felt the impact of two or three “emergency meetings” after normal duty hours a week or the Principals who felt it appropriate to hold Faculty Meetings that lasted until 5:30 Friday afternoons.


TRE Update and Polling Places

I want to update you on the EPISD Tax Ratification Election which will occur on Saturday, August 22nd.  As you know, the Federation is endorsing and actively supporting this measure. Three items are noteworthy.


The ScorePublic Schools-18, Charters-0

Thomas Ratliff, State Board of Education Vice-Chairman issued the below press release comparing public education with charter schools. It is telling, and I ask you to take the time to read it. I have included a chart comparing charter salaries in El Paso County compared to EPISD and the county ISD average.


Federation Summer Activties

I hope that this summer is a pleasant one for you and your family and you are taking advantage of it to recuperate, reconnect, relax and recharge. The 2014-2015 School Year was a rough one, by any measure.

I want to give you a heads up on a couple of opportunities and programs occurring over the summer.


Time to Dump NCLB

U.S. Senate Gets Ready to Leave Behind NCLB at Last—Write to Urge a Yes Vote!

It is time to dump No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), and its test and punish then test some more failed approach to education. You have a moment of opportunity right now to help pass the long-overdue rewrite of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), which is finally coming to a vote in the U.S. Senate on July 7.