Call To Action - January 19th

I hope each and every one of you had great Hanukkah or Christmas and a Happy New Years, welcoming in what promises to be very challenging 2017.  I hope that you spent these past two weeks relaxing, recharging and enjoying your friends and families.  I hope you took some time and did things you like to do.



Eyes on the Board - 1.17.2017 (Raises)

The EPISD Trustees met last night, January 17th.  There were two major items of interest:

1.       The Superintendent’s Raise.

2.       The beginning of the EP AFT Campaign for a real and meaningful raise.

Superintendent’s Raise.  The Trustees voted to extend the Superintendent’s contract for five years AND give him a raise of $45,000 (15%) to bring his salary of $303,000 to $348,000.  That is at least 10 times the percentage of raise you got last year.


EPISD Level Challenges in 2017

This is the third of three items designed to update you on the challenges and threats we will face as a Local and as Educators in 2017.  The first addressed the national threat and the second highlighted the challenges and threats we will face in the 2017 Legislative session.  This will address the challenges and threats we face locally in the EPISD.


State Level Challenges of 2017

This is the second of three emails laying out the threats and challenges we will face in 2017 as a Local, as Union Members and as educators at Federal, State and here in the EPISD.  The first email discussed the threats posed by the nomination of the Princess of Privatization and Privilege (Betsy DeVos).  In that, I asked you to join in on the National Day of Action and wear black on Thursday, January 20th to show we reject her and her rather scary agenda.  This email will discuss the threats and opportunities we face at State level, her in Texas.



EPISD 2016 Bond Update

The purpose of this is update you on the 2017 EPISD Bond. At yesterday’s Board Facilities Committee meeting, the current status and plans were discussed. They will be voted on at tonight’s Board meeting. These include number and amount of offerings, projected tax impacts and the fate of Central Office.